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The Bloodhound: Directed Search Document Management System

Directed Search Document Management System Seattle

The Bloodhound was designed to provide directed search capability using as many as six fields of known document search criteria. It uses a very straightforward and logical user interface featuring free type of drop down menuing to launch a document search using common known items such as Customer Name, Customer Number, Document Type, Date etc. Wild card searches are also possible.

Once a search is complete, a results list of matching records is presented to the user for selection. Once the intended candidate is selected, a viewing window is opened, and the PDF or Tiff scanned image is displayed.

Because every client has different methods of filing existing paper records, we have designed The Bloodhound to be very flexible.

While The Bloodhound began life as a stand alone, single user utility running off a CD-Rom, the product has been updated multiple times to operate in a variety of network environments using almost any storage device a client may have.

Using non proprietary database tools, MCS Seattle offers a service whereby we catalog and store our individual clients records across limitless production cycles and progressively merge new meta data and images with existing records to provide an updated volume that contains all that particular customers records on one (or multiple) volumes.

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