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Invoice Scanning & Accounts Payable Automation Software Seattle

Invoice Scanning & Accounts Payable Digitization Software Seattle

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With constant cost and regulatory compliance pressures, you’ve got to continue improving and extending the services you provide. With this comes the constant demand for efficiency. So whether you’re a member of the accounting team or part of an accounting firm, reducing costs while increasing efficiency is paramount.  Swift and accurate processing is critical, and this is where ABBYY capture and document management software literally comes to your rescue.

Streamline the Accounting Processes

Catering To The Exacting Accountant’s Needs

ABBYY solutions ensure smooth delivery of all your department’s accounting needs. You can:

  • Process invoices in a swift and efficient manner, saving you both time and money
  • Process multiple formats of incoming invoices
  • Increase early-payment discounts
  • Eliminate late charges and interest
  • Improve important vendor relationships with faster response time to invoice status
  • Process heavy volumes of insurance forms in a timely manner that include Explanation of Benefits forms, contracts and claim forms.

Accounting Automation Solutions Seattle

Process High-Volumes of Documents, Forms and Invoices

Using ABBYY Solutions for accounting purposes will help automate the processing of all your important paperwork (from early-payment discounts to time savings) through a proven classification and indexing system. With an advanced management system like ABBYY, a company will not only be able to save a significant amount of time but money as well.

The document management system’s smooth delivery and efficiency is all thanks to:

  • ABBYY FlexiCapture Professional
    Data and document capture software that classifies and indexes all paper documents and forms in a single stream, and ensures flawless automated capture.


The Benefits Of Using ABBYY:

  • Accuracy & Automation: reduce costs by virtually eliminating time-consuming error-prone data entry
  • Expedited invoice entry
  • Stronger financial reporting capabilities
  • More money saved with quick and hassle-free data entry
  • Stronger vendor relationships with quicker invoice query response time
  • Increased early payment discounts
  • Faster administration through data transfer to EDMS systems
  • Greater client satisfaction through skilled staff’s newly acquired data entry and management knowledge

Customer Stories

ABBYY provides productivity-enhancing solutions that benefit accounting organizations.

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