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  1. The Economics of Document Scanning: Long-Term Cost Savings

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    In today’s digital age, businesses are constantly seeking ways to optimize processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. One area where significant savings can be achieved is in document management. Traditional paper-based document systems are not only cumbersome but also expensive to maintain. Let’s take a look at the costs associated with paper record storage vs. outsourcing document imaging to a service bureau such as Micro Com Systems.
    1. Initial Investment:

      • Paper Documents: The initial setup costs for paper-based document systems include purchasing filing cabinets, storage boxes, and other physical storage equipment. Additionally, there are expenses related to printing, copying, and distributing documents.
      • Document Scanning: Rather than the expense of document storage or even an in-house scanning solution, Micro Com Systems has made the investment in high speed scanners, computers and software. Our staff is fully trained and has the experience in converting a paper based system to a digital system.
    2. Storage Costs:

      • Paper Documents: Storing paper documents requires physical space, which comes at a premium in office environments. Businesses must allocate space for filing cabinets, storage rooms, and off-site storage facilities, all of which incur ongoing rental or maintenance costs.
      • Document Scanning: Digital documents take up minimal physical space and can be stored on servers, cloud storage platforms, or external hard drives. The cost of digital storage is significantly lower compared to physical storage, especially as cloud storage prices continue to decline.
    3. Retrieval and Access Costs:

      • Paper Documents: Locating and accessing paper documents can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Employees may spend valuable time searching through filing cabinets or requesting documents from off-site storage facilities. Additionally, there are costs associated with physically transporting documents between locations.
      • Document Scanning: Digital documents can be easily retrieved and accessed with a few clicks, saving time and improving productivity. Employees can quickly search for specific keywords or phrases within documents, eliminating the need for manual searches. The associated costs are minimal compared to the labor and time savings achieved.
    4. Security and Compliance Costs:

      • Paper Documents: Maintaining the security and compliance of paper documents poses significant challenges. Physical documents are vulnerable to loss, theft, and damage, leading to potential data breaches or compliance violations. Businesses may incur costs related to implementing security measures such as locks, alarms, and surveillance systems.
      • Document Scanning: Digital documents can be encrypted, password-protected, and backed up to ensure data security and compliance with regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA.
    5. Long-Term Cost Savings and ROI:

      • Paper Documents: Over time, the costs of maintaining paper-based document systems accumulate due to ongoing expenses for storage, retrieval, security, and compliance. These costs are often unpredictable and can increase as the volume of paper documents grows.
      • Document Scanning: While there are initial investments in document scanning solutions, the long-term cost savings are substantial. Businesses can reduce or eliminate expenses related to physical storage, retrieval, security, and compliance. Additionally, the improved efficiency and productivity resulting from digital document management contribute to a positive ROI over time.
    Transitioning from paper-based document system to outsourcing digital document scanning to Micro Com Systems offers significant long-term cost savings and ROI for businesses. By reducing expenses related to storage, retrieval, security, and compliance, businesses can optimize their document management processes and improve overall efficiency. Investing in document scanning with Micro Com Systems is not only a smart financial decision but also a strategic investment.  
  2. The Importance of Scanning Engineering Drawings

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    Scanning engineering drawings is an important step in the documentation and preservation of valuable engineering information. Engineering drawings, also known as technical drawings or blueprints, contain detailed information about a product, structure, or system. Having Micro Com Systems scan these drawings offers several significant benefits:
    1. Digital Preservation: Engineering drawings are often created on paper or other physical mediums, which will deteriorate over time due to humidity, light exposure, or physical wear and tear. Scanning these drawings into digital formats ensures their long-term preservation, preventing loss due to physical degradation.
    2. Ease of Access: Digital copies of engineering drawings can be stored and organized in a digital database or document management system. This makes it easy for engineers, designers, and others to access and retrieve drawings quickly. It eliminates the need for manually searching through physical archives, reducing the risk of misplacement or loss.
    3. Collaboration and Sharing: Digital copies can be easily shared with team members regardless of their location. This facilitates collaboration and allows multiple parties to work on a project simultaneously.
    4. Annotation and Markup: Digital drawings can be easily annotated and marked up using software tools, allowing engineers and designers to add notes, comments or suggestions directly on the drawing. 
    5. Security: Digital copies of engineering drawings can be protected with encryption and access controls, ensuring that proprietary information is kept secure. Physical copies can be vulnerable to theft or unauthorized access.
    6. Searchability: Digital copies can be indexed and tagged with metadata, making it easy to search for specific drawings based on criteria such as project name, date, or part number. This significantly reduces the time and effort required to locate relevant information.  Micro Com Systems can assist in the tagging of the metadata.
    7. Integration with CAD and Design Software: Scanned drawings can be imported into computer-aided design (CAD) and other design software for further modification. 
    Call Micro Com Systems to discuss how digital scanning of your drawings can help your organization and receive a no cost estimate for your project.
  3. How Can Micro Com Systems Save My Business $$$ Document Scanning Services

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    There are many reasons why digitizing your records is a good idea but we all know it comes down to money.  The good ol’ greenback is the driving force of any business so let’s explore the ways that having Micro Com scan your records could help your bottom line.
    1. Cost Savings: Maintaining physical records requires significant resources, such as storage space, filing cabinets, and paper supplies. By transitioning to digital records, businesses can reduce or eliminate these costs.
    2. Enhanced Efficiency: Searching for specific information in physical records can be time-consuming and tedious. With digital records, businesses can easily search, retrieve, and organize data using keywords, tags, or filters. This improves efficiency, reduces time spent on manual tasks, and enables employees to focus on higher-value activities.
    3. Improved Collaboration: Digital records facilitate seamless collaboration among team members and departments. Multiple individuals can access and work on the same record simultaneously, eliminating delays and bottlenecks associated with physical file sharing. This enhances productivity, encourages knowledge sharing, and streamlines workflows.
    4. Increased Data Accuracy: Manual record-keeping is prone to human errors, such as misfiling, misplacement, or data entry mistakes. Digital records, on the other hand, can offer data validation and verification mechanisms, reducing the risk of inaccuracies.
    5. Enhanced Security: Physical records are susceptible to damage, theft, or loss due to accidents, disasters, or unauthorized access. Digital records can be protected through robust security measures, such as encryption, user authentication, access controls, and regular backups.
    6. Regulatory Compliance: Many industries are subject to various regulations regarding record-keeping, retention, and data privacy. Digital records provide better compliance capabilities, enabling businesses to implement automated retention policies, audit trails, and access logs.
    7. Disaster Recovery: Physical records are vulnerable to disasters like fire, floods, or natural calamities, which can result in permanent data loss. Digital records can be regularly backed up and stored in secure offsite locations or cloud-based platforms. This ensures that business-critical data can be quickly recovered in the event of a disaster, minimizing downtime and associated financial losses.

    MicroComSystems Seattle Document Scanning Services

    Overall, digital records offer significant business benefits and contribute to cost savings by streamlining operations, improving productivity, enhancing data accuracy, strengthening security, ensuring compliance, and providing disaster recovery capabilities. The upfront investment required for digitization is often outweighed by the long-term financial advantages it brings.  Micro Com Systems will review your current paper-based filing system and show you how your organization can benefit from our scanning services, all free of charge!  
  4. A Sense of Normalcy

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    It has been a tough two years for us all. People working from home have had a trickledown effect for companies such as Micro Com Systems. With employees not working out of the offices, paper documents have been a forgotten commodity and the retention and preservation had been put on hold. Now, with people going back into the workplace, we are seeing a renaissance of sorts. Organizations that have not dealt with document retention are now sending us files and drawings once again. I’m seeing requests for proposals where for two years there have been none. I’m feeling optimistic once again about the return of normalcy.

    Seattle Document Scanning Services – Let Us Help You! Bring Back Normalcy

    What does this mean for you, the reader of this post? It means that if you have some scanning that you want Micro Com Systems to perform, you may want to get it on our schedule ASAP. It is our pleasure to assist you all but it is on a first come, first served basis so give us a call at 206-248-3191 and we can discuss your project and get it on the schedule, contact us.
  5. Digitize Those Files Business Changes During Covid Pandemic

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    With this pandemic continuing to change our lives and how we live them, workers continue to do their work remotely. With this we are seeing more need to be able to disseminate paperwork from traditional file rooms to these remote employees. A solution to facilitating this is to digitize those files and make them assessable to requesting workers.

    Micro Com Systems can assist in this type of project. We have the expertise to design a solution that fits your particular needs.

    Contact us for a no cost review of your files and how you use them.

    Together we can create a solution that will make everyone more productive by allowing information to flow to those who need it.

  6. New Document Scanning Video – MCS Seattle Washington

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    Micro Com Systems is a full service document scanning company which has been servicing Western Washington for over 20 years. Our new document scanning video offers an inside glimpse into those services and the procedures we use.

  7. A message from Micro Com Systems regarding Covid-19

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    We Are Open For Business During Covid-19

    I am reaching out to let you know that Micro Com Seattle is available to you during these trying times. We regularly check our voice mail and emails should you have a question or concern. Some portions of our business are still functioning due to being a part of the local government’s critical infrastructure so chances are if you call, we will answer. Even though some of us are working please be assured we are following the best safety practices possible.

    We are Here to Answer Your Questions

    Should you want to get a jump on some new scanning projects during this shelter in place, we are available via phone, email or video conference to work out the details so that once the “all clear” comes we can proceed immediately.

    We Look Forward In Working With You

    Be safe, practice distancing and wash your hands often. We will work though this and we look forward to working with you.

    Contact Us

    Joe Bryant General Manager Micro Com Systems Ltd. 206-248-3191
  8. What Is Your Time Worth? Document Scanning

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    Document Scanning Company in Seattle

    With labor costs constantly rising it is important to reevaluate what the total cost is for handling your organization’s documents the “old fashion way”. Paper really isn’t very efficient. Only one person at any given time can have possession unless it is photocopied and that creates its own type of headache. While that one person has a file another has to wait until it is available. If you have to distribute a document to a number of folks located in another facility you have the added expense of copying and shipping the files. Again, work halts while in transit. And what if someone misfiles pages? They are as good as lost and hours can be wasted trying to track them down. Document imaging can help to minimize these issues.

    Digitalizing Your Company’s Documents – Keep Them Secure

    Digital files have many benefits but some key advantages are its durability and distribution. Let’s say you have all of your files scanned into a PDF format with Word Searchable Text. Once that digital file is created it is never misfiled. Name the file for a unique name or number such as a company name or contract number and place them in electronic folders by year and type of record and you will be able to drill down to what you are looking for. Use the Word Searchable feature and you can find files based on content. Easy to find and always there. You need to distribute a file? Attached it to an encrypted email, Dropbox or secure FTP and it is instantly in their hands for fast collaboration! Because PDF files can be viewed on Mac, PC and mobile devices, it has become the de facto standard for digital records.

    Document Scanning Services

    When evaluating document scanning for your organization please remember to factor in the hard dollar costs of keeping things that “old fashion way” and recognize the soft dollar benefits of digital filing. Contact Micro Com Systems Ltd today for a free quote and assessment of your documents. We will make sure we will have the right solution for your business.


    Importance Of Document Scanning Even During Natural Disasters

    I just got back from Hawaii this last weekend.  The Big Island to be specific.  I know I have talked about it in the past in our blog section but I was reminded last week that document scanning can have other benefits other than quick retrieval.  Scanning your important files can also protect your information from disasters such as water damage, fire or even…..lava!  That’s right, if you scan those files and keep a copy off-site and safe you won’t have to be concerned the next time Madam Pele (or the Pacific Northwest version) decides she wants to create more lava fields. We also have an option should you wish to protect yourself from electromagnetic pulses or EMP’s.  Should the power grid should go down, those of you that had microfilm created from your digital images would still be able to access your data with an eye loop and the good ol’ sun.  This is another service available from Micro Com Systems.

    Seattle’s Document Scanning Company

    So you can see that there are many reasons to scan your files and there are many benefits as well.  Contact us at Micro Com Systems and we can discuss them in more detail.   Mahalo nui loa for reading my blog post!   By Joe Bryant, General Manager
  10. We’re Moving — New Address Effective April 1st, 2018

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    Micro Com Systems Seattle is Moving!

    MCS Seattle Moving Truck



    5900 4th Avenue South

    Suite 101

    Seattle, WA 98108

    Phone numbers will remain the same

    If you have any questions or concerns,

    please phone us at +1(206)248-3191 or contact us online.

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