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A Sense of Normalcy

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It has been a tough two years for us all. People working from home have had a trickledown effect for companies such as Micro Com Systems. With employees not working out of the offices, paper documents have been a forgotten commodity and the retention and preservation had been put on hold. Now, with people going back into the workplace, we are seeing a renaissance of sorts. Organizations that have not dealt with document retention are now sending us files and drawings once again. I’m seeing requests for proposals where for two years there have been none. I’m feeling optimistic once again about the return of normalcy.

Seattle Document Scanning Services – Let Us Help You! Bring Back Normalcy

What does this mean for you, the reader of this post? It means that if you have some scanning that you want Micro Com Systems to perform, you may want to get it on our schedule ASAP. It is our pleasure to assist you all but it is on a first come, first served basis so give us a call at 206-248-3191 and we can discuss your project and get it on the schedule, contact us.

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