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What Is Your Time Worth? Document Scanning

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With labor costs constantly rising it is important to reevaluate what the total cost is for handling your organization’s documents the “old fashion way”. Paper really isn’t very efficient. Only one person at any given time can have possession unless it is photocopied and that creates its own type of headache. While that one person has a file another has to wait until it is available. If you have to distribute a document to a number of folks located in another facility you have the added expense of copying and shipping the files. Again, work halts while in transit. And what if someone misfiles pages? They are as good as lost and hours can be wasted trying to track them down. Document imaging can help to minimize these issues.

Digitalizing Your Company’s Documents – Keep Them Secure

Digital files have many benefits but some key advantages are its durability and distribution. Let’s say you have all of your files scanned into a PDF format with Word Searchable Text. Once that digital file is created it is never misfiled. Name the file for a unique name or number such as a company name or contract number and place them in electronic folders by year and type of record and you will be able to drill down to what you are looking for. Use the Word Searchable feature and you can find files based on content. Easy to find and always there. You need to distribute a file? Attached it to an encrypted email, Dropbox or secure FTP and it is instantly in their hands for fast collaboration! Because PDF files can be viewed on Mac, PC and mobile devices, it has become the de facto standard for digital records.

Document Scanning Services

When evaluating document scanning for your organization please remember to factor in the hard dollar costs of keeping things that “old fashion way” and recognize the soft dollar benefits of digital filing. Contact Micro Com Systems Ltd today for a free quote and assessment of your documents. We will make sure we will have the right solution for your business.

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