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A History Worth Keeping: digitize your large format drawings

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History Worth Keeping

There are many reasons to digitize your large format drawings.  Sometimes it is for easy distribution.  It doesn’t get any easier than emailing a drawing rather than obtaining a copy and sending it FedEx.  Other times it may be because it is mandated by a government agency.  Then there is the sentimental reason.  Sometimes we are asked to scan large format drawings for historical reasons.

Artists drawings of lighthouses

We recently scanned drawings of lighthouses from all around the United States.  Seeing the architect’s vision for one of these beauties as they first envisioned them is quite interesting.  These artists conception of lighthouses from over 100 years ago makes you pause and appreciate both the beauty and functionality.  These monuments to the sea are still standing today!

8 feet long

We have scanned other notable drawings over the years.  We have digitized drawings of ships where the paper was over 8 feet long (not easy to do!).   We have seen the plans for bridges, bungalows and brew houses (the 3 B’s).   Old newspapers are also very popular for digitizing.

Contact MCS Seattle for Large Format Scanning Services

Next time you are rummaging through the storage closet and you come across a roll of old drawings, think about preserving the history.  It’s easy and inexpensive to save these drawings before time takes its toll. Allow MCS Seattle to assist you with your large format digitization services. For all your scanning services in Seattle, please contact MCS today! Call us at 206-248-3191.

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