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I took the opportunity to visit our Document Scanning Company in Vancouver, BC office recently and I thought I would make this blog post all about our Canadian cousins to the North.   Micro Com Systems Ltd. recently moved their operations from the city to outside the city limits.  This move allowed them to consolidate their production from three floors to a single floor.  The result is easier tracking of work and more efficient movement.   It’s great to see all of the microfilm scanners gathered together and busy at work.  16mm, 35mm microfilm and aperture cards were all being digitized.  Speaking of film, this office produces 16mm microfilm from digital images so businesses and government agencies can meet their archival requirements.  Believe it or not, there are still great reasons for creating microfilm.  We would be happy to discuss these with anyone that gives us a call.   I have a weakness for old newspapers and with their planetary digital scanner, MCS is currently scanning huge quantities dating back to 60 years plus!  The actual paper for these newspapers were yellowed and brittle but because this scanner does not use any rollers as with traditional document scanners, they can be captured with no risk of tearing.  In addition, the quality of the scans is top notch due to the lack of movement of either the scanner CCD’s or the document itself.  Quality is also increased using post-processing software that creates an image that looks better than the original!  This scanner also can be used with its book cradle.  Scanning of bound books is the specialty of the cradle, eliminating those humps created by the binding.   While I was visiting I took the opportunity to look over the Aabyy For Invoices system that is being used by MCS for capturing images and meta data.  Any company that is paying staff for data entry services should contact us so we discuss how we can capture it all for you using the latest in OCR technology.  Super slick!   And now I have news!  Micro Com Systems in Seattle is also moving!  Stay tuned for details.

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