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Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse

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Archive Document Preservation for the End of Days

Do you believe as I do that soon the world will be covered by flesh eating zombies?  It must be true since there are so many zombie movies and TV shows.  What?  It’s make believe?  Well then, since I have your attention, let’s talk about other types of disaster planning. There are many types of disasters besides zombies that can create havoc for businesses and organizations. Earthquakes, tornadoes, fire and even bursting pipes can destroy valuable and historic records.  Everyone should be prepared on a personal level for such events but have you thought of your records? A document imaging service bureau (such as Micro Com, *wink*) can help in digitizing your critical business documents.  The great thing about digital records is that they can be copied and stored in many different locations as well as in the cloud.  No matter the disaster, your records would be available once it is possible to resume business. Then again, that whole zombie thing could happen and who’s to say that they don’t like a tasty file folder or engineering drawing now and then?  Be prepared!

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Protecting your files for the end of days might be a large job, so you can count on MCS Seattle to assist you with your document digitization services. For all your scanning service needs in Seattle, please contact MCS today! Call us at 206-248-3191.

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