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MCS – Seattle’s Scanning and Digitization Service – is teaming up with File Hold to provide you with the most versatile options in electronic content management. With software that’s easy to learn and navigate, FileHold integrates seamlessly with MS Office and Sharepoint.
Store, retrieve and share any type of document fast and painlessly. FileHold is the industry leader in full text retrieval, compliments Abbyy, and is simple, functional, and relatively inexpensive.

Document Management Software – Features Overview

Filehold Document Management Software

“Out-of-the-box”: standard, optional, and custom document management software features move you to the paperless office.

Document management software transforms both paper and electronic documents into knowledge assets that become instantly usable by the company workforce.

Organizations today are overwhelmed with information that comes at them in many formats: email, electronic documents and forms. Paper-based documents still exist in large quantities and need to be dealt with. The document tagging provides a friendly indexing (meta data) schema that has been establish based on user preferences. Consistent document indexing combined with powerful full text and profile search capabilities allow users to take control of electronic and paper based documents. FileHold gives a company the ability to create an electronic documentation system that allows you to store and retrieve these documents in a manageable way.


Out-of-the-Box Standard Features of the Document Management System

Full Text Search: Find what you need based on Powerful Full-text and Tag Based search. The document management software allows users to save simple or advanced search queries as Saved Searches. When opened, the search is run providing users with an up to the minute view of the content in the document management software that matches the search criteria.

Document Archive: Retain document, data and usage history needed to stay in compliance with SOX, HIPPA etc.

Version Control: Document version control software provides: check in / checkout ability preventing documents from being overwritten or deleted as documents are updated by more than one party. All versions of a document are maintained by the document management software in the event that a rollback is required. Users are able to check out/in documents from any FileHold client including a standard web browser, from within Microsoft Office applications or using the FileHold Desktop Application.

Document Tagging: Easy to use controlled document tagging ensures documents are classified for recovery.

Document Linking: Document to document linking allow users to link and organize files in logical groups. Users can quickly view a listing of all parent or child document relationships with a document no matter where the linked files reside in the document management software. The ability to create document shortcuts to documents frequently accessed is fully supported. The document tray utility makes it easy to manage the links and relationships between files located across the FileHold library.

OCR and Indexing: Convert scanned files into editable and searchable documents.

Matter Centric Filing: Automatically add searchable meta data or “tags” to documents that are associated with the same subject matter.

Document Scanning: FileHold document management software ships with scanning software to support over 300 different scanner or MFC types.

User Roles: Users see only what you want them to see, and you have a choice out of 11 different security roles to give users an appropriate level of user access permissions within the system.

Watched Folders: Move files electronically into the library from local or network folders.

Organized Documents: The FileHold Document Management Software filing structure mirrors your physical office filing environment. File cabinets contain drawers that contain folder groups and / or folders with documents. The FileHold Library Administrator’s have the ability to centrally manage the first 2 levels of the filing structure (Cabinets and Drawers) forcing users to store documents in appropriate areas of the library. This controlled document filing software approach ensures that users can easily browse for documents in a logical and efficient fashion.

Logging and Tracking: View document and user activity information.

E-mail Notification: Users can optionally be alerted to electronic documents needing their attention or that have been updated by other users.

Virtual Folders: Virtual Folders allow FileHold document management software users to aggregate files throughout the library into their own personal “views”. For example, a Project Manager might have a virtual folder containing project documentation, project legal contract documents, invoices, design documentation and emails even though each document is stored in different locations of the library. You can also set up Public virtual folders.

Naming Standards: Have users adhere to document or record naming conventions.

Document Subscription: FileHold document management software allows users to subscribe to and to be notified of edits or new versions to files or changes to folders they have subscribed to. When an existing file is updated or a file is added to a folder, the user receives email notification to their email client that the change has occurred, who has changed it, and a secure link to directly access the document. Users are also alerted within the FileHold Web and Desktop clients through the notification list. Users of the document repository can also set reminders on documents that need attention in the future.

Microsoft Office Integration: Direct access from FileHold to Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Visio.

Work Remotely: Access system administration, library administration and user functions via the Web.

Web Services API: Provides flexible integration with existing back office systems.

URL Support: Allows you to send a secured, user account required link to a file to someone else, rather than emailing the file and cluttering up their inbox. This link can then be clicked on and the user can then launch the Web Client or Desktop Client to work on the document in a few seconds.

Document Numbering: Automatically or manually apply document control numbers to documents.

Reporting: Many built in reports that give administrators information about the usage of FileHold by document version and users.

Security: Pre-configured roles for Read Only users, Publishers, Librarians & System Administrators.

Metadata Pick Lists: Reduce the time to apply meta data to a document while keeping it consistent.

SQL Reporting Services Tool Set: A tool set to enable users to develop custom reports using the Microsoft® SQL Server Reporting Services.

Microsoft .NET framework Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) model: The main subsystems of FileHold communicate with each other via web service calls. These web services are available to third parties to provide easy integration with other enterprise solutions and productivity applications.


Document Management Software’s Optional Features

Microsoft SharePoint: Install as a Web Part of SharePoint.

Document Management Workflow: Route documents to co-workers for approval or comment using mark up, sticky notes and annotations. Track who has approved which version of a document.

FastFind: Integrate powerful FileHold search with any windows forms application.

Redaction: The ability to securely “black out” sensitive information from any document.

Mark Up and Annotations: Make sticky notes and messages on documents with opening them.

CAD viewers: View CAD and other formats without the native application.

Microsoft Active Directory: Synchronize your Microsoft Active Directory users with FileHold to provide a single sign-on for users.

Print to FileHold: Automatically send your files to the FileHold library using the Print function.

Auto-filing: A professional service to help your organization further automate the filing process.

Custom Features of the Document Management System

Localization: Localize the software into a different language.

Rebranding: Customize the Web Client and the Desktop application with your logos and color scheme.

AutoFiling: Intelligent auto-filing of documents from XML imports.


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